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Perfect Stitch Upholstery
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Motor Home interior completed
After Results give a very Updated Modern Look
Drive in comfort with seats good as new
We do Motor Homes too.  
Get an updated look and
more use out of your RV by
getting the interior new
This is a collectors dream
car.  We help protect your
investment with clear vinyl
covers on the seats.
Original interior preserved with clear vinyl.
Before we got started
Stripped all old materials off and started adding new foam
New foam in place and working on more
After results are better than imagined.  WOW
If you have a project you've
been thinking about.  Call
us and we can help give
something you own the
"Wow Factor"
Backseat with full foam, being fitted before finally being covered in ultra leather
Backseat is finished.  Looks amazing!
Door panels completely made from scratch.  The design is clean, and looks rich.
installed convertible top
Convertible Tops
Truck bench seat before was falling apart
Truck  bench seat after is good as new
Bench Seat is like new again